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Professionalism and sustainability properly alloyed together

E-MAX BILLETS is a professional company that has a keen international outlook as well as the customer focus and flexibility one expects from an SME (Small to Medium-sized Enterprise). You'll find us a successful and ambitious partner with a burning desire for expansion. To take us in that direction, we have a good many unique selling points at our command.

  • Focus on sustainable solutions:

    Sustainability is the philosophy central to our business. This is the case both ecologically and economically as well as concerning the relationship we have with our customers.

  • Modern infrastructure:

    E-MAX BILLETS invests continually in optimising its infrastructure. One of the results from this is our ability to guarantee the high quality of our end products.

  • Customer-focused and dependable:

    E-MAX BILLETS likes to keep its lines of communication short and its business relationships long-term. We aim for constructive partnerships that involve the customer in the creative process. Depending on the objectives, we then proceed by coming up with a custom-made solution.

  • Certified quality:

    Our various ISO-certificates are testament to our aim for compliance with the most stringent quality standards.

  • Broad base of experience and expertise:

    Thanks to our experience as a member of an international group and the expertise within our current team, we are well positioned to offer you a high quality solution.

  • Reliable network of suppliers:

    We also maintain good relations with our suppliers. We have built up a strong network of metal traders who ensure that scrap is separated out correctly and stored safely.

  • Ideal location:

    E-MAX BILLETS is situated close to the meeting point of three countries (Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany) and serves to perfection a market area extending across 500 km. Our multilingual capacity is, therefore, an additional string to our bow.

  • Financially sound:

    E-MAX BILLETS is a part of Vaessen Industries. This allows us to provide a solid financial basis for trust. In addition, it puts us in a position of being able to invest continually in terms of product innovation, business operations and infrastructure.

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